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Sydney’s coastline and harbour represent one of the most beautiful and environmentally diverse attractions in the world. The coast features cliffs, beaches and inlets of magnificent beauty unique to the region. The harbour offers iconic headlands, historic sites and national parks. Outlined in the maps and brochures on this website is a continuous walking track that residents and visitors can utilise to explore the beautiful foreshores of Sydney.

This foreshore walking network was developed by the Walking Volunteers in partnership with the Sydney Coastal Councils Group and the Department of Planning. The maps produced provide walkable route from Palm Beach in the north to Cronulla in the south and west to Parramatta. Loop and link walks connect to the main route. The network also connects to existing coastal walks including those in Royal National Park, and to the Great North Walk from Sydney to Newcastle.

iPhone and iPad applications available

The maps developed for walking Sydney's foreshores have been converted to an application suitable for iPhone and iPad. To access this freely available application please click here.  

This application was made possible with funding from the Sharing Sydney Harbour Access Program.

Please note: the Walking Coastal Sydney maps are currently undergoing some minor revision to ensure the suggested tracks are up to date and to further enhance the walking experience. Until revised maps are available, you may need to check local conditions and access arrangements for specific walks.

Trunk Routes Diagram